Friday, March 16, 2012

My Brand New Blog

The last time I managed to consistently broadcast my flailings along the information super highway was back when LJ was en vogue and I was young enough to think it appropriate to title my entries after Tori Amos lyrics. Dignity aside, I'm so happy that I managed to save the 1,000+ page embarrassment that was my high school/college era livejournal.

Not much has changed. I just realize that I suck at keeping a paper/pen record of things. And I like taking pictures. And I like having an audience.

This was originally going to be a cooking blog, but it's most likely going to dart merrily about the following subjects:
  • Photos of gothy, Appalachian stuff. Owl pellets, abandoned feed mills, cemeteries, etc. etc.
  • Lists. Lists for days.
  • Meditations on critters.
  • Recipes of sun-hot, warrior of God treats.
  • Lots of talk about Ohio.
  • Book/film/music rants.