Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Lists: 2012 Edition

I graduate with my MFA tomorrow.  I've been in college for seven years; I've been tied to a school in one form or another since 1987.  I'm up for a NTT position, so the fun very well may continue.  What matters is that it is May in Ohio and it is 90 degrees outside and I have energy and hope for the first time in years. Here is my overblown, impractical plan of attack for the next 90 days:


  • There Is No Year
  • Remembrance of Things Past
  • Everything written by Anya Seton and Daphne DuMaurier that I haven't already read
  • Same thing with Banana Yoshimoto
  • And that's actually all I can think of.  I've been so wrapped up in grad school that I feel like I've lost touch with literature.  
  • Burn at least 800 calories a day.  
  • No more pop; no more beer.  Wine is okay.
  • Try my damnedest to eat vegetarian. 
  • Break my running pr.
  • Drink lots of green tea and apple cider vinegar.
  • Prometheus.  OH GOD.
  • The Dark Knight Rises
Miscellaneous Funzies:
  • Boyfriend's sister is getting married = more time with his awesome, funny, warm family.  I can't wait.  
  • Trips to Presque Isle.
  • Hiking with my friends.
  • Catching bugs. be continued.


  1. Punkin what does the apple cider vinegar do? Is it nasty?

  2. I find it to be delicious, but I'm sort of nasty so it cancels out. You can mix it with water too. It's supposed to kill carbs and help with weight loss. I drink it when I get heartburn and it seems to stabilize things. You have go organic with it - Heinz won't do it because they clean out all the fun stuff.